About Us

Message from the President

An elite group of machine design engineers shaping the future.

Since its founding, M DRAFT has been involved in the design and development of automation and labor-saving technology, primarily for semiconductor manufacturing machines but also for a wide array of production line equipment.

We are currently transitioning from conventional 2D CAD for machine design to 3D CAD, which is a more intuitive, flexible system that allows us to present better visual images to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Since the global financial crisis, the needs of the times change chaotically and by the day. To satisfy these needs, we have worked toward keeping our staff young (the average age is 30) so that we are a design company that presents more adaptable ideas.

Toward that end, we are constantly using our experience to discover new opportunities, and we work to develop a wide array of nursing and medical care instruments, cutting-edge agricultural equipment and other original products.

In addition, we put our hearts and souls into employee education so that we may cultivate talented engineers who can translate what customers need into finely tuned machines designed for the people who use them. The growth of our employees is directly connected to the growth of our company.

We strive to embody our ideal attributes of humility, harmony, respect and love. In that spirit, we will continue diligently on our path toward becoming a company where everyone works together earnestly and exhibits their individual abilities to the fullest, thereby contributing to society.

Management Principles

Community-Minded Monozukuri Done
by People Who Care

Code of Conduct


We strive to improve technology and work diligently every day to gain our customers’ trust and increase their satisfaction.


We strive to build a company in which employees come together in a common belief in the importance of courtesy, gratitude and respect, and where we honor each other’s dreams, attack work with vigor, and work hard toward achieving goals.


We strive to engage in corporate activities that value people and the environment in an effort to help build communities overflowing with cheerfulness and benevolence.

Company History

  • Founded

    April 11, 1992

  • Established

    July 8, 2004

  • Incorporated

    September 10, 2007

Company Overview

Name M DRAFT Co., Ltd.
Address Minori Building 3F, #323
121 Tamakuracho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8211
E-mail: mdraft1@mdraft.co.jp
Representative Director Masumi Kizu
Founded April 11, 1992
Established July 8, 2004
Incorporated September 10, 2007
Capital 7 million yen
Banking Relationships Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank, Main Branch
Bank of Kyoto, Main Branch Business Division
Mizuho Bank, Kyoto Chuo Branch
Manufacturing Tools Auto Desk Inventor
Auto Desk Vault
Auto Desk Mechanical
3D Printer “Form2”