Tsuyoshi Yamamoto

  • Assistant Manager, Machine Design Division
  • Joined M DRAFT in 2012

Interview 01

Meritocratic Corporate Culture Creates Fulfillment

I had experience using CAD at my previous workplace, and I’d always been interested in jobs related to monozukuri and design.

What attracted me most to M DRAFT was the meritocratic corporate culture. During my interview with the company president, I was overwhelmed by her sincere attitude toward her work, and by the energy that seems to bubble up from within her. When she said, “If there is some work you want to do, or anything you want to learn, you have our full support,” I felt that working at this company could test the limits of my abilities.

I was given responsibility over projects as soon as I joined the company, and in my third year I was promoted to assistant manager of the Machine Design Division. It’s not a large company, but it feels like an elite group, so I feel that as long as I am motivated, there are always chances to perform. In addition, the fact that my efforts have a direct impact on the company’s performance is a huge motivating factor.


Motivation for Challenges
and Persistent Attitude Lead to Growth

Right now, I am involved in the design of storage equipment for a semiconductor wafer.

First, I create designs based on my own vision that incorporates the conditions and environments for use of the equipment based on the client’s desired specifications. Then, I go back and forth with the client as we move toward the detailed design stage. This is the procedure for every job, but no two pieces of equipment are alike, so the process of completing drawings is never easy.

Before, when I was working on the design of a machine that involved a spinning motion completely different from conventional machines, I faced one difficulty after another, and spent far more time and effort on the project than I envisioned.

I finally completed the drawings, and saw the actual machine working as designed in the workplace. When the client expressed their gratitude for my efforts, I felt rewarded for my hard work, and glad that I saw the project through to the end.

Design work is the bedrock of creating machines and equipment. This job is challenging, but is a huge source of fulfillment because my own concepts and ideas are realized and expressed in products that will last for decades.

As a Member of M DRAFT,
Facing the Challenge of Forging into the Future

When asked if I’m glad that I joined M DRAFT, I look objectively at the way I work so energetically every day, and am confident that the answer is “Yes.”

Now that I have the position of assistant manager and have more opportunities to negotiate with clients, I finally feel that I have a lot to offer this company as one of its employees.

The most immediate goal before us is to continue the transition from 2D CAD to 3D CAD in our development of drawings. The shift to three-dimensional drawings allows us to share our design ideas and product images visually, which makes them easier to understand for clients and officials who lack design expertise.

In addition, a big dream shared by the president and everyone else in the company is to work as a group to design original brand products that use M DRAFT technology. I fully intend to keep gaining knowledge and experience so that we can fulfill that lofty dream and also forge into new fields.


A Message to Those Considering Applying for the Job

At M DRAFT, if you show desire, you will be put in charge of projects, even if you are a new employee; the working environment provides everyone with opportunities to flourish.

The job is exciting and fulfilling because there are chances to try new things and gain experience from live projects. Lack of experience is not a barrier here; it is possible to start from the basics, learning the fundamentals and assisting with design work.

It’s a small company, but an elite group, so you will quickly learn what it takes to stay in the game, and how to adapt to changes. Let’s feed off each other’s energy at M DRAFT!

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