• An elite group of machine design engineers
    shaping the future.

    We Are Specialists

    Since its founding, M DRAFT has been involved in the design and development of automation and labor-saving technology, primarily for semiconductor manufacturing machines but also for a wide array of production line equipment.

  • Community-Minded Monozukuri Done
    by People Who Care

    We have Great Stuff

    At M DRAFT, we listen to and incorporate the needs and feelings of actual users to help us develop a wide array of original products,
    from elderly care and medical instruments to cutting-edge agricultural equipment.


Design, drawing, assembly and sale of various machinery and equipment

Design and drawing of various machinery and equipment

Planning and Developmen of Teaching Equipment for Learning Japanese Monozukuri

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Company Overview

Since M DRAFT Co., Ltd. was established, we have been involved in the design and development of automation and energy-efficient technology for a wide array of production line equipment in many industries, but primarily for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
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Meet the Staff


Tsuyoshi Yamamoto

Assistant Manager, Machine Design Division

When asked if I’m glad that I joined M DRAFT, I look objectively at the way I work so energetically every day, and am confident that the answer is “Yes.”

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Makoto Masuda

Machine Design Division

One of the appealing things about M DRAFT is that its corporate environment encourages personal development.
For example, even a brand-new, first-year employee can choose to try whatever kinds of tasks interest them.

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At one time or another, everyone has wondered what kind of work they are cut out for,
and everyone has been unsure of what step to take next.
People go through these experiences on their own time,
and these thoughts can be quite worrisome.
Nonetheless, the best approach is to be open to try something.
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